The Handmaid’s Tale is a true story…

The Handmaid’s Tale is a true story… May 5, 2017

just not for white western women:

Today there are parts of the world in which renting the womb of a poor woman is indeed ten times cheaper than in the US. The choice of wealthy white couples to implant embryos in the bodies of brown women is seen, not as colonialist exploitation, but as a neutral consumer choice.

I remember a couple years ago when the Israelis swooped into Nepal after a huge earthquake to grab babies from surrogate mothers exploited by some gay couples for rent-a-womb purposes.  Too bad for you, moms.  You got your pittance.  Now we’ll just rip those babies from your arms and leave you to your fates because we are enlightened Westerners.

Feminism for the win. Reducing women to incubators and children to products for accessorizing the choices of self-involved consumers.

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