ICE is now going after Iraqi Christians in Detroit

ICE is now going after Iraqi Christians in Detroit June 14, 2017

Today’s thing for “prolife” Christian Trump defenders to defend instead of the unborn or the gospel.

It was all fine when the targets religious oppression were Muslims.  You guys could talk about Trump the preposterous “champion of religious liberty”.  But now he’s going after Catholics.  What will you do?  Swallow it and go on fawning over the Bigot-in-Chief and tell yourselves it will all be worth it when he magicks abortion away?

Because that’s not happening, of course.  Roe will be left in place and nothing will change on that front.  Indeed, with the cruelties the Party of Trump has in store for the least of these, the odds are very high abortion rates will rise under him.

So for all your troubles and conniving and ostracism of the impure, for all your combox heresy trials of the pope, for all your loud proclamations of your superior Prudence, what you have to show so far is unflagging support for a stream of lies, a judge who says Roe is settled law, some failed (but persistent, and no doubt eventually successful) stabs at crucifying 23 million sick people, an Idol who robs children dying of cancer and, today, complicity in betraying your fellow Catholics.

Every day, Trump commits some fresh outrage and challenges his Christian defenders to finally grow some self-respect and stand up to him.  Why not make this your day, O Trump defender, to repent the evil you have so steadfastly defended, and return to the gospel.  Forget your “But Hillary!” lies, rationalizations, and excuses and face the fact that you have prostituted yourself to a wicked man.  Return to Christ, who pardons abundantly, mend your ways, and listen to the Church, not this crook.

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