We now live in a country where the President of the United States…

We now live in a country where the President of the United States… June 19, 2017

forbids media from recording answers to questions directed at the Press Secretary.

This is Soviet tyranny. And the lunatics most vocal about supporting this lying, corrupt, incompetent crook are Good Prolife Conservative Christian Trump supporters, who will happily burn the Constitution and destroy the foundation of Republic in their fanatical belief that everything–including annihilating freedom of the press–is worth the fantasy of overturning Roe.

35% of the American electorate are now essentially enemies of the American constitutional order and partisans of a man who wishes to be a dictator. When and if (please God) this tyrant fails and falls, it will be the work of a generation to repair the damage to the Church’s name that has been done by these authoritarian stooges who babble the name of Jesus and who back this lying thug no matter what he says and does.

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