Trump Flips Off Francis, Trumpian Catholics Cheer

Trump Flips Off Francis, Trumpian Catholics Cheer June 1, 2017

American Right Wing Id Monster joins Nicaragua and Syria in rejecting Climate Accord–just for spite.

And just days after Francis gave him a copy of Laudato Si, begged him to listen, and Trump lied that he would read it. (It’s longer than 140 characters and Trump’s name is not in it anywhere. Boring.)

Me: I boringly think wisdom lies with listening to the Holy Father. But of course, the kneejerk response of the revanchist Trumpified Catholic is “Francis is not speaking infallibly, you know! We’re talking about Prudential Judgment! You can ignore him on climate change! It’s not like he’s a climate expert!”

Yes. I know he’s not speaking infallibly. Neither does my doctor or car mechanic. But common sense says to listen to them when they are talking about their field of expertise, and the morality of how to treat creation is, in fact, within the wheelhouse of the Pope’s expertise.

Here’s the thing: Whenever Trumpified Catholics invoke “prudential judgment” as the excuse for blowing off the Church’s guidance, they immediately raise in my mind the question, “What rational human being would ever believe for one second that you have an ounce of Prudence? You have been so wrong about so much so many times for so long only a complete fool would trust your judgement. Why should I trust your prudence over that of the Holy Father’s? He, at least, has seriously consulted with experts. What have you done? You follow blindly a dunce who think Alex Jones is a reliable news source! You listen to a buffoon who promoted birtherism for years! Does anybody seriously believe for one second that this man who thinks in 140 characters and who says Climate Change is a Chinese conspiracy is the equal of the Holy Father in *any* way on this question?”

And if you then brandish the “Abortion is the non-negotiable! Why are you distracting us all from the *real* issue by fretting about the environment?” I answer that if abortion is really the non-negotiable, the real question is why *you* are distracting yourself from that by devoting a single second of time and energy to fighting the Church? Especially since the destruction of the environment that your Idiot-in-Chief champions is going to kill children, including unborn children.

Would to God you *did* focus on the good of the unborn, O Trump supporter. But the truth is you *use* the unborn as human shields for your real agenda–defending everything this con man does. All your real time and energy goes, not to defending the unborn, but to battling the Church every time she crosses the Party of Trump and all its pomps, and all its works, and all its empty promises.

By the way, Planned Parenthood is still funded, Trump sent Ivanka to make peace with them, and Roe is “settled law” according to Neil Gorsuch, bright shining hope of the Trump prolifer. And when it’s all over, abortion will still be legal and you will be to blame for defending every lie, incompetence, corruption and, yes, defiance of the Church on behalf of this crook.

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