Jonah Goldberg tries in vain…

Jonah Goldberg tries in vain… July 24, 2017

to reason with Ever Trumpers, the 33% of the electorate who yesterday made clear in the polls that they would, in fact, still worship and adore Donald Trump if he went on a shooting spree on 5th Avenue.

Goldberg tries to deny that this is a cult of personality. But the cult of personality in his comboxes instantly screams him down for daring to blaspheme our Just and Wise Dear Leader. They do indeed love him for his puny spites and little hatreds–especially against the press and their little culture war enemies like Rosie O’Donnell or whatever media or Hollywood figure attracts their malice this morning.

Increasingly the weirdness of reading National Review is that so many of their writers loathe Trump because the fact that this is a juvenile moron and crook is endangering the really awful things the GOP hopes to do in terms of policy. That was the gist of Ben Shapiro’s attack on Trump last week. He was remonstrating with Trump supporters for wasting time getting off on him being a bullying misogynist on Twitter because it is screwing up destroying the lives of 32 million sick and poor people.

I just re-read Perelandra. So much of the NRO complaints about Trump are as if Ransom spent his time chasing the Un-Man Weston around saying, “Stop tearing the skins off those little frogs, you vindictive little man! It’s an evil and disgusting sin! Get back to work destroying the soul of Venusian Eve!” NRO are Big Picture Thinkers. The comboxers love the frog torture.

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