Trump Turns Scout Jamboree…

Trump Turns Scout Jamboree… July 25, 2017

into Trumpenjugend Rally and soft porn storytelling roundtable.

The bottomless narcissism and neediness of this pathetic little man can only conceive of human relationships the way a spider sees prey. All others must be made an extension of the Self, instruments of his need and demand for praise. So, naturally, Trump ignored the boys he was there to honor and turned it into a giant rally in honor of himself. Particularly weird and gross was his bizarre need to include an anecdote about sex parties on some rich guy’s yacht.

Trump is Trump. Always was and, barring a miracle, always will be. He is a datum of nature, like the fact that if you step off a building you will fall or if you stick your hand into a fire it will burn you. Expecting tornado of need and narcissism like him to do anything other than soil everything he touches is irrational. Indeed, the astonishing thing is the rare moment when his handlers are able to muscle him into using his inside voice and stick to the script. But those moments are increasingly rare and, as his lies catch up to him and he freaks out, will be rarer still. He cannot disappoint for the same reason a shark who bites does not disappoint. A slave of sin, he acts in reliable accordance with his selfish heart.

But his Christian defenders, those who most loudly claim to represent the gospel which frees us from sin. That is the real puzzle. Here is a demographic utterly certain that they are better disciples of Jesus than the pope. And yet what are the fruits? They have spent six months excusing and lying to defend everything he says and does, no matter how venal. What is incredible and appalling is the spectacle of watching how utterly low his defenders will go to abase themselves for him. How many lies will they tell the world and themselves? How many excuses will they make? How often will they lie that “But Hillary!” or “But Obama!” somehow justifies this garbage?

He seems to have a genius for seduction and for forcing the choice “He who is not against me is for me.” I find myself wondering how low he will pull his fanboi, what disgusting thing will he force his Christian defenders to say and do next? How can the same demographic of Catholic Trump Defenders–clutching their pearls about an obscure footnote in a document almost no Catholic has read and panicking that they must save the Church from this evil pope–then tell us that this adulterous sex predator blathering about orgies to the Scouts “cares about family values” and spew out tape-recorded excuses like “I voted for a President, not a Pope.” How long can the sheer cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy go on?

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