Haggling about the Price

Haggling about the Price August 9, 2017

My latest at the Catholic Weekly, in which we discover that “prolife” apologists for nuclear incineration of babies in the womb have just a teeny tiny inconsistency in their outlook:

Burning civilian populations alive didn’t suddenly become immoral in 1965. It always was. It is the liars who call Vatican II a novelty who are, in fact, the modernists worshipping at the altar of relativism for the sake of their star-spangled god, Moloch.

And this is the incredible thing. The same people who, with monomaniac fervor, loudly (and rightly) shout that abortion is evil because you can never take innocent human life form the backbone of the Republican Rite Catholic crowd that passionately defends the abortion of every child in every womb (and every bed) in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and, by implication any other population of civilians they sufficiently fear in order to save their own skins).

The same people who have been obsessing over a footnote in an obscure pastoral manual on how to provide care for the chaos of the postmodern family, and who have been pretending to care about Pope Francis supposedly “desecrating the Eucharist by giving it to the unworthy” are typically the ones who go to the mat defending the fact that the nuclear weapon dropped on Nagasaki used Urakami Cathedral—and therefore Jesus Christ fully present in the Eucharist—as the target.

Such people don’t actually oppose fornication with Moloch or desecration of the Eucharist. They are just haggling about the price.

This was written before Trump’s threats of nuclear annihilation against North Korea began, but there is something chillingly poet that he should choose August 6-9 to give Catholic apologists for nuclear mass murder a chance to repent the lies they have told all these years.

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