Dangerous Imbeciles

Dangerous Imbeciles August 8, 2017

North Korea and the US are both headed by dangerous unstable idiots. Our unstable idiot just vowed, “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” said Trump, in a statement that is unclear about whether he means Korea’s threats or Korea actually attacking.

The problem with putting cowards who have never actually seen warfare in charge of making war is that they are much more blithe and bonny about inflicting it on others. The Cuban Missile Crisis was overseen by people on both sides who were absolutely terrified by the prospect of a nuclear war spinning into a global conflagration. They had seen the catastrophes of WWI and II and knew what could happen and what it would look and feel like.

We are now ruled by feckless morons who regard nuclear war as a way of establishing their testosterone levels. One of them has no scruples about using war as a way of upping his poll numbers and the other has no polls to worry about.

If we make it to 2020 without a nuclear exchange I will thank God on my knees. But if it comes, I pray God will allow the airburst on Seattle to be directly over my house.

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