Wow to you rich…

Wow to you rich… August 7, 2017

…for if we believe in our hearts that Mammon is Lord and confess with our lips that it shall raise us from poverty, we shall be saved.  But cursed are you poor, for you are lazy and it is all your fault and we owe you nothing but scoldings.

This is the message Republican Rite Christians are more than twice as likely to send than normal people.  And we seriously wonder why normal people can’t see Christ in us.

So the other day, I get an absolutely typical piece of conservative Christian culture war handwringing in my feed.  It read:

Satan’s checklist: normalize contraception, legalize abortion, relax divorce laws, promote homosexual marriage, advance polygamy, …

What is never ever ever mentioned or even considered in such assessments of threats to the family is “…underpay workers so that they cannot even consider getting married, much less starting a family, owning their own home, preparing for their children to get to college, having sufficient leisure to contribute to the community, or God forbid, freeing mom to stay home with the kids if she wants to. Keep parents stressed, single, and hagridden with poverty and defend exploitive employers with Libertarian twaddle forever. Blame the parents working two jobs for being lazy. If they do manage to get to school. blame them for racking up immense school debt. Threaten them not to contracept on pain of mortal sin. Accuse them of being secret supporters of contraception and abortion if they practice NFP.  And, of course, vow to punish them for having ‘too many kids’ when they faithfully obey. If Mom does not work, blame her for being a parasite.  If she does, blame her for neglecting her kids.  If she sends them to public school, blame her for letting the state brainwash them.  If she homeschools, blame her for not doing it right. And when the family disintegrates from the pressure of poverty, blame them for being lazy and make sure to cheer when their food stamps and medical benefits are cut since it will sure spur them to work hard and not become parasites. Above all, admire yourself for being a responsible citizen and a better Christian than the commie pope who wrote Amoris Laetitia.”

Right wing Christians are the staunchest defenders of an economics that is the most powerful sledge hammer against the family and the children they claim to cherish. And they do all in their power to attack the pope who is trying to provide a little succor to the domestic chaos they are doing so much to create.

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