Genuine, real, not kidding kudos to Trump

Genuine, real, not kidding kudos to Trump September 14, 2017

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My sense is that he’s not really comfortable with rescinding DACA, but “because of his oaths and his guests” (Mt 14:9) he picked this awkward way to placate his base of white supremacists who love this sort of mindless cruelty and who, in particular, love watching him destroy anything Obama did, even if it makes perfect sense (like a proposed regulation to screen long distance drivers for sleep apnea so they don’t fall asleep at the wheel.  Obama proposed it, so screw it, even if people die as a result).

With DACA, threw this red meat promise to the base because he knew they love this cruelty.  But now that he’s President some of his New York Democrat sense of noblesse oblige (as long as it doesn’t cost him anything) appears to have reasserted himself.  He seems to have struggled with what to do about DACA (a health sign, considering) and only come to the “rescind it to please my base of slavering wolves, but kick it to Congress and hope they put a replacement in ASAP” at the last minute.  Now he appears to be putting pressure–moral pressure, if you please–to get this Congress of incompetents and nihilists (who could have cooperated with Obama on this in 2010 if they had not been nihilists) to do the right thing and not do0m 800,000 innocents to exile from the only country they have ever known.

Whatever his motivations, I am pleased at the result and commend him for trying to get Congress to do the right thing.

Which reminds me, his Administration has also done a good job (from what I can make out from the news) handling Harvey and Irma.  Somebody will undoubtedly note it was not perfect.  Welcome to reality.  Storms are chaos and state responses to them are never perfect, but by all reports, the Feds seem to have swung into action well, coordinated with local efforts well, and done the job we expect them to do.  Credit where due.

My occasions for being genuinely pleased with Trump’s work are rare, so I don’t want to miss them when they come and my hope is that this tweet may signal at least something of a change in the wind.

Also, I am amused to see the panic from the Right Wing Noise Machine about the (to me) complete trivial issue of Trump working with Dems on the debt ceiling and their not-at-all trivial fear that he may back down on the absurd Wall Project.  In short, the Great Terror on the Right is that Trump may not fulfill their lust for maximum cruelty to the least of these.

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If he winds up failing these guys, I’m good with that.

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