There has never been a time…

There has never been a time… September 27, 2017

…when black people peacefully protesting they are getting the shaft has *ever* been acceptable to whites.

No form of peaceful protest is acceptable.  None.  And this is still the level of discourse common from those whites threatened by peaceful protest:

Martin Luther Coon. In 2017. And he knows perfectly well that his joke is hilarious to his peer group.

One thing I’m grateful to Trump for: he and his racist base made clear to me that my naivete about the deep racism among American conservatives was not the guilt card being played by Lefties to end conversations. It’s real and it’s all over the place and Trump exploits it constantly.

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No form of protest is acceptable from black people.  Ever.

Why?  Because they should be grateful that, in the words of FOX’s Jeannine Pirro, America has “allowed” them to have the jobs they have. Because the rights of black people (to work, among other things) come not from the hand of God, but from the generosity of the state.

Funny thing.  I remember when a black guy gave a speech on the debt we owe to those who have provided for the common good.  He made the sensible point that stuff like roads and infrastructure and domestic tranquility and protection from foreign enemies and natural disasters were things that individuals did not create for themselves but were the work of the state tasked with protecting the Common Good.  It was all perfectly in line with Catholic teaching about the legit role of the state.  And so he remarked to those who imagine themselves Rugged Individualists, “You didn’t build that.”

The Right Wing Noise Machine freaked out and lied through their teeth that the uppity socialist black guy was trying to claim that Hard-Working American should get no credit for what they have achieved, etc. blah blah.  It was a classic Panic du Jour by brainwashed consumers of the RWNM, resulting in mounds of this junk.

But now that we have a White Supremacist in the Oval Office–a man who says that there are “very fine people” among those marchers under the banner of the swastika in Charlottesville but the black guy peacefully protesting is a “son of a bitch–the narrative has done a complete 180.  Black athletes have achieved nothing.  They have been “allowed” to work by America.  In short, they didn’t build that.

In some future post, I want to look in more detail at the curious way in which, for the Party of Trump, accusation is always a form of confession.  But this will do for now.


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