The Bishop of Little Rock refuses to get played for a sucker…

The Bishop of Little Rock refuses to get played for a sucker… January 19, 2018

…by the Christianist “prolife” movement use of the unborn as human shields for making war on the rest of the Church’s prolife teaching:

Arkansas Right to Life has chosen as the keynote speaker for the rally a person who has good anti-abortion credentials but otherwise is decidedly not an appropriate pro-life speaker, namely Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who this last year worked tirelessly to secure the execution of four criminals who posed no further threat to society. You will recall that the Diocese of Little Rock was very vocal in appealing for clemency for these four men, but we were opposed at every turn by Attorney General Rutledge. For this reason, I asked Arkansas Right to Life to choose a more appropriate keynote speaker, indicating that I could not participate in what was supposed to be a pro-life event otherwise. But Arkansas Right to Life has refused to do so. You are certainly still free to participate, but this is the reason we are not promoting the Rally for Life at the State Capitol this year.

As you know, the Church teaches a consistent ethic of life in which human life and human dignity must be protected from the first moment of conception to natural death and every stage in between. This means, among other things, that all lives have inherent God-given dignity. Even people who have been sentenced to death possess this dignity, which is why capital punishment must be abolished. – Bishop Anthony B. Taylor

Bravo to a champion of the Church’s whole teaching.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  The people who perpetually shout down “Black Lives Matter” with the phony cry “ALL LIVES MATTER” will suddenly demonstrate again the truth that, with the Christianist partisan of Trump, accusation is always a form of confession.  They will complain that the Seamless Garment is a plot to marginalize the unborn, thereby revealing nothing about the Seamless Garment and everything about their motivation in shouting “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

All the Seamless Garment means is that human life is sacred from conception to natural death and that the life of the unborn is related, not opposed, to the life of (among others) the death row convict.  The use of the unborn as human shields to defend the bloodlust of the Christianist death penalty zealot at war with the Church is one of the most disgusting tactics of the Christianist enemy of the Magisterium.

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