Six Year Old Paraplegic Boy’s Caregiver to be Deported

Six Year Old Paraplegic Boy’s Caregiver to be Deported January 8, 2018

He is engaged to marry his mother. But because of precious, precious paperwork, will be torn away from this woman and the child who needs him desperately.

Christianists savor the cruelty of destroying this boy’s fragile support system.  They love it.  Love it.  They love the chance to call his mother a slut who has it coming.  They love the opportunity to say “The kid’s mother should be his caregiver” while also calling her a lazy parasite who should get a job–even as they destroy all possibility of doing that simply for the sake of their spite and legalistic obsession with paperwork.  Christianists don’t just “not care” about these people–they care deeply about hurting this family and love it–love it!

Christians care about the least of these and put the needs of that little boy first.  They say, “An administration and Congress that could move heaven and earth to pass a smash and grab budget for the ultra-hyper-rich could do something to help this little boy (and, by the way, to not refund Planned Parenthood five times).”  Christians order their actions and policies toward the question “How will this protect the most vulnerable?”

Christianists regard the most vulnerable as prey.  The savor gratuitous cruelty toward them–just for fun.  When they are done scourging their victims, they make a crown of thorns, just for laffs.


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