An unjust law is no law at all – St. Augustine

An unjust law is no law at all – St. Augustine February 10, 2018

We seem to have arrived at a period in our history where mayors and local councils of local communities are the principal bulwark we have against the authoritarian dictator of the Party of Small Government.

Earlier this week Supreme Maximum Leader Misogynous Bonespurs decided that in addition to blowing huge sums of money on a stupid wall to please his base of racist mouthbreathers, he also wanted to go full Soviet with a gigantic military parade in his honor.

His lying Christianist lackeys will tell you that it’s about “honoring the troops” of course and suggest that if you oppose it, you oppose them. But the reality, of course is that nobody wants this but him and his lickspittles, certainly not the troops he means to force out of bed to go marching around DC. No, this is all about the ego of a narcissist. And our military, held hostage by this idiot, must comply, so plans are being made to rip up the asphalt of Pennsylvania Ave. with tank treads so that a sociopathic coward who dodged the draft five times can feel like a man.

But then, right in the middle of all the Supreme Comrade Commandant’s May Day Planning comes this, from the DC Council, which actually, you know, runs the city of Washington DC:

This has been happening to Trump a lot.

Roughly a hundred mayors boycotted Trump recently, and many American cities (including, I am proud to say, my native Seattle) have declared themselves sanctuary cities against Trump’s brutal pogrom against immigrants–resulting in a vengeful Trump initiative to round up local leaders and punish them.

While all this sociopathy plays out our neighbor to the north looks on in horror and some there propose reviving an old tradition from a previous period of state-sponsored racist cruelty. For instance, Pete Vere writes from the Land of Maple Syrup and Bacon:

Our summer residence is at the entrance to the Bruce Peninsula near Owen Sound, which historically was the last stop on the Underground Railroad. In fact, each year we take part in the local Owen Sound’s Emancipation Day Festival–the oldest continuous Emancipation Day festival in either Canada or the United States.

To my American co-religionists still fighting the good fight, I’m ready to dust off that locomotive again. Increasingly, it feels like a matter of “when” rather than “if”.

Fortunately, Christians in this neck of the woods are quite ecumenical and we will have solid allies like Rev Dr Mark Steinacher from the Baptists and Evangelicals, as well as co-pastors Troy and Melissa Roach from Community of Christ.

Christians outside the American conservative Catholic insane asylum are a tonic reminder that the bizarre disease that has gripped the conservative American Church is a local infection and not universal. That gives me hope that saner heads will be able to eventually squeeze the pus out of this boil and start the healing process.

Another welcome sign is that General Mattis has declared that we will not be deporting DACA vets.

But that has not slowed down the depravity of Party of Trump governor Bruce Rauner, who denied clemency to a two-time vet trying to escape deportation.

Today’s GOP: Where a violent racist criminal like Joe Arpaio can get clemency from a draft-dodging coward, but a two-time vet who fought for his country while a worthless pol like Bruce Rauner buys the governorship of Illinois gets deported–and an actual Nazi runs for Congress in his state on the GOP ticket:

I cannot wait, I regard it now as my solemn duty before God Almighty, to do everything in my power to burn the GOP to the ground as the enemies of the human race that they are. And all the more so because I know for certain that all this filth will be defended with “But abortion!” despite the fact that this party of racist predator re-funded Planned Parenthood five times last year. It’s the appalling use of the unborn as human shields for all this that is the final icing on the cake for me.

God grant us deliverance from all this filth.

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