My chum Kristine Franklin is starting up her podcast again

My chum Kristine Franklin is starting up her podcast again March 6, 2018

She was on Immaculate Heart Radio, so you may recall her fine work. Now she needs your help for her new show, Hello and Welcome!  Click here to donate.

What is Hello and Welcome! about? 

Real Faith, Real Life. Life isn’t for wimps. Everyone needs help sorting it out. Do you have a hard time trusting God? A relationship gone sour? What about your kids? Far from home or far from God? Do you find it difficult to forgive? To pray? Are you lonely?

Hello and Welcome! is a Christian podcast from a Catholic perspective full of stories, scripture, and practical Church teaching that will give you solid answers to life’s frustrating questions. Need a kind voice and wise advice? Need to hear an uplifting story that makes your day better? How about a few laughs?  Hello and Welcome! will fit the bill.

Why podcasting?

A podcast is a one-on-one audio experience. It’s just you and me. You can listen one episode at a time or binge – listen on your schedule. More importantly, a podcast is international. My first podcast, Mercy Unwrapped, had listens in the UK, South Africa, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kenya, and more. Be a missionary with me!

Podcasting is more economical than radio and has worldwide reach.

What makes a great podcast? 

Time. Talent. TreasureThe goal is to make an engaging, high-quality podcast that grows to reach more and more people! Your generous gift will make it possible for Hello and Welcome! to sound great, attract sponsors, and be 100% professional .

Donations from the campaign pay for all expenses including graphic design, music, marketing, and engineering for the first six months of production. ALL money above the goal will go to extending the show. Every extra $1200 is another month of podcasts! I have already invested a substantial amount of my own money. Pray hard, think big!

A Bit About Me

I produced a podcast in the year of Mercy, and then worked for over a year in live radio at Immaculate Heart Radio; I’m a writer, speaker, and have been tv host on EWTN. (Search HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH here.)  I’ve been trained by the best people in the industry to Tell the truth, make it matter, and never be boring.* I was an Evangelical missionary before becoming Catholic. (See my story on The Journey Home.)I have a BA in Communications and a minor in Biblical Studies. I like people! But most of all, I LOVE BEING CATHOLIC!

*Valerie Geller, my coach and mentor, author of Beyond Powerful Radio.

How is Hello and Welcome! different from other Catholic Radio?

No politics. No criticism of Church leaders. No difficult theology. Others are already doing that. My objective is to make sure you know that you are loved; that God is merciful, and that you can really, truly have a better life by following Jesus one day at a time. Real Faith. Real life.  

How can I Help?

Give. Pray. SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN through social media, email, and word of mouth. Someone is waiting to hear the Good News in a fresh, engaging, understandable way. Youcan make it happen. Please partner with me.

Risks and challenges

1. The project will not go forward without full support.

2. This campaign will raise enough money for 6 months. If Hello and Welcome! does not attract sponsors, including monthly donors, it will end after those six months. A plan is in place to make one-time and ongoing donations possible.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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