Heresy always mutates into its opposite

Heresy always mutates into its opposite March 3, 2018

I pointed this out years ago in an essay I wrote for the New Oxford Review called “Truth Cancer and the Redemption of Rebellion“.  And now the Christianist heresy, a theopolitical cult that dresses the Trumpian adoration of money and power in Christian trappings, imagery, and jargon, illustrates my point yet again by sacrificing its “prolife” rhetoric (and the unborn it claims to care about) on the altar of one of the most important gods in its pantheon, the gun:

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This is the ultimate fruit of the Christianist habit of using the unborn as human shields for its devotion to the Right Wing Cult of Death.  The meme is, of course, attempting to be clever with this latest extremely unclever spasm of Whataboutism by which the Cult always defends itself.  It’s trying to say Libruls are dumb for wanting to outlaw guns (and by “outlaw” the Cult means “change in any way, however slight, our current regime that slaughter 35,000 people a year”).

What it is, in fact, doing is declaring that abortion should remain legal, that the entire prolife project for the past 40 years has been a colossal waste of time, and that the whole goal of getting a prolife court that will overturn Roe and free states to outlaw abortion is absolutely pointless.

Now, I agree that what must be addressed is demand as well as supply when treating the question of violence to both the born and the unborn.  That is why I call for a consistent ethic of life and for an incarnational view of the human person that does not gnostically lie that the heart matters but not the physical world (including guns and abortion technology).  But it is idiotic to claim that gun and abortion restrictions will do nothing to reduce gun and abortion violence.  And the advocates of both know it, which is why they fight tooth and nail against such restrictions.

But we have reached a new level in Christianist “prolife” hypocrisy when these liars, simply to save their insane idolatry of the gun, declare that the fight against abortion in our legal system is a total waste of time. How long can any *real* prolife Christian go on supporting this pack of lying narcissists, I wonder?

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