John Oliver explores the bizarre world of NRATV

John Oliver explores the bizarre world of NRATV March 14, 2018

This killed me. But then, that’s kind of the NRA stock-in-trade, killing people. (NSFW).

Relatedly, I got this from Mark Barden, the father of Daniel Barden, this beautiful little boy butchered at Sandy Hook.  Over the years, and with the help and support of the depraved NRA he and the other parents of the children slaughtered at Sandy Hook have been accused of participating in a “hoax” to kill their children/fake their children’s death/invent children who never existed all so that Obama could take away the guns of Good White Patriots guilty of nothing (other than harrassing and slandering the victims of unimaginable agony).  Mr. Barden has soldiered on, not only enduring the calumny of heartless narcissistic scum, but enduring the trauma of watching every gun slaughter since then and all the memories it brings back of the child the NRA insisted on demanding as a human sacrifice to their callous greed and narcissism.  Now he writes bravely:

It’s been almost three weeks since 17 students and educators were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I know the journeys their families are on right now – and it will never get easier.

It’s constant disbelief. It’s constant sorrow. And knowing that it was preventable just makes it so much harder.

That’s why, on March 24 at the March For Our Lives, I’m marching to honor my sweet little Daniel and all the precious lives killed by gun violence – and to stand up for all the children we can still save, including my two other children, James and Natalie. Our children’s lives are at stake, and we need to speak out and act now to protect them.

I know you want to be a part of this historic moment for real, meaningful change, and I hope you’ll help share this message and build momentum for action in your community, too. That’s why we’re offering a limited quantity of “March For Our Lives” and “Giving It All I’ve Got” T-shirts, so you can show your commitment to protecting children from gun violence at local rallies and in your community. Every T-shirt you purchase also helps us continue our lifesaving work.

We’re so grateful for your recent gift, and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity: We only have 5,000 T-shirts available, so will you donate $26 to get your own “March For Our Lives” or “Giving It All I’ve Got” T-shirt right now?

Please, rush $26 or more to Sandy Hook Promise right now to get your “March For Our Lives” or “Giving It All I’ve Got” T-shirt. If you order your T-shirt by Friday, you’ll get it in time for the March For Our Lives on March 24.

I will never stop speaking out and never stop marching in honor of my sweet little Daniel – because I don’t want any other parent to feel the endless pain of losing a child to gun violence. I know if we take action in our schools, in our communities and in our country – if we do everything we possibly can to protect our children from gun violence – we’ll prevent tragedies before they happen.

Thank you for helping us share our message and save lives.

Mark Barden (Daniel’s father)

Here’s the little boy who was murdered at Sandy Hook along with a roomful of his classmates.  The little boy the Party of Trump wants to make sure will be joined by 35,000 other people at years end, as well as by as many school shooting victims as possible rather than threaten the profits of the arms industry and the narcissism of the Gun Cult.

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I say, “ENOUGH!”

Never again.

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