Well, this should be fun!

Well, this should be fun! March 23, 2018

My friend Pete Vere has a new blog here at Patheos: Orthodoxy in Communion With Rome: Tales from the life of a Byzantine Catholic canonist moonlighting as a professional wrestling referee

Pete is, as the subtitle suggests, a card.

He is also a Canuck, which makes his perspective a source of sanity for me, because he is often bemused by the looniness he sees south of the border. And as a Byzantine, he is also very useful as a counter-weight to the fever panics of the Francis-haters.

And as a canonist, he is also useful in dealing with the combox Inquisitors who are pretty certain they have goods on Francis and the Magisterium when they fail to measure up to the lunatic ideological demands of Christianists, Reactionaries, Fertility Cultists, and the various other kooks who have come to dominate conservative Catholicism since its revolt against the Pope and embrace of whatever FOX News/Crisis/Lifesite/Alex Jones/Limbaugh/Church Militant is commanding them to believe in the name of the Party of Trump these days. He is, like me, theologically conservative, which means he gets most of the flak he receives from Freak Show Right these days, but still doesn’t fit in very well with the Canadian Left either.

And he’s droll. as his frequent references to Wrestling will soon bear out.

Anyway, Welcome Pete!

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