A refutation of a disgusting Right Wing Culture War Lie

A refutation of a disgusting Right Wing Culture War Lie May 1, 2018

So a particularly stupid Whataboutist Gotcha from some of my readers runs thus:

We should not use any murdered person as a prop for our ideas, whether he was murdered by doctors or a school shooter. Your use of gun violence victims to promote your anti-gun violence agenda is just as exploitative as the people you claim were using Alfie Evans.

Let’s engage the old cranial cortex, shall we? If somebody is murdered it is entirely appropriate to want to prevent the next murder. So if somebody had, in fact, murdered Alfie Evans, it would be appropriate–and not “using” him–to protest it and fix the system that had murdered him, lest it murder again. That’s called “common sense”.

What is wrong is to lie that Alfie was murdered when he was not murdered. He was not denied food or water. He was not poisoned to death with drugs. He died of natural causes. Murder did not occur.

However, saying that murder did occur when it did not is (you may want to sit down for this) a form of murder–the murder of the reputations of his caregivers who are not only innocent but who strove for 14 months to save him, only to have vicious assassins of character murder their reputations by bearing false witness against them. And the reason for the lie that Alfie was murdered and the use of him to smear his doctors?: To attack the “socialist medicine” that (it is lied) murdered him.

So, just as with murder of the body, it is appropriate to protest the murder of somebody’s good name. Because that is obedience to the eighth commmandment, not “exploitation” or “use” of Alfie Evans. In fact, it is a protest of the use of Alfie Evans.

Relatedly, Parkland students were murdered. And the Gun Cult tried to lie that it is “exploiting” the death of gun violence victims to try to prevent future slaughter. As it always does, the Gun Cult commanded we be silent after the massacre at Parkland “out of respect for the victims” and not “politicize” the deaths of these kids.

That lasted a few hours, until the victims themselves refused to stick to the Gun Cult narrative and started pushing back against the lies of the Gun Cult.

For that sin of protesting being shot and shot at, they have been vilified and had their characters assassinated by the same Christianist “prolife” demographic who have lied about the “murder” of Alfie Evans. They have been called “crisis actors“. They have been accused of participating in a hoax. It has been suggested that they had their friends murdered by some kind of false flag FBI conspiracy. It has been lied that they were not there that day.

And, of course, the Gun Cult has called for their deaths as well.

No, you disgusting Right Wing Culture War liars. It is not “exploiting tragedy” to try to prevent murder, whether by euthanasia or gun. But it is emphatically an insult to slander innocent doctors and innocent victims of gun violence, and that is what the Christianist Gun Cult and “prolife” cult does.

Christians, in contrast, save lives and do not exploit them, whether the violence comes from the Gun Cult or euthanasia.

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