Christianists Cry Wolf

Christianists Cry Wolf April 30, 2018

As far as I can tell from the chatter (and not having seen the whole performance), there was one joke I would actually be offended by at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, because it punched down, and viciously so:

This is truly way the hell out of line and she deserves the opprobrium she is getting for it.

But of course what goes unmentioned in the Right Wing Noise Machine fake outrage is that this joke was not “comedy gold” for the audience at the dinner, who gasped or were silent at the brutal tastelessness and cruelty of it.

That’s because Wolf was not, in fact, reflecting what even most people who support abortion are like. Remember, only 20% of Americans come from her “abortion without apology/abortion should be a sacrament” whack job end of the spectrum. 60% of Americans dislike abortion, are squeamish about it (since it’s the slaughter of children), and would prefer to never think about it again, even while they don’t want it outlawed. The idea of joking about it is appalling to them and that is why the crowd was hushed, not “cheering comedy gold.”

But that has not, in any event, been the focus of the right wing hyperventilation about the monologue. No. It has been sobbing from the Right Wing Lie Machine that Wolf was mean to poor, poor professional liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders, one of the most powerful people in the world. In short, the Christianists having the vapors about Wolf “crossing the line” are using the unborn as human shields for what they actually care about: the defense of corrupt liars.

And that defense has been grotesque. Because it boils down to “prolife” liars (including Sanders herself) pretending to care about “decency” after having spent years defending this vileness:


and this:

Donald Trump also really likes to make fun of people. On the campaign trail, he referred to Marco Rubio as “Little Marco” and Jeb Bush as “low-energy Jeb.” During a debate, he readily agreed that he’d compare Rosie O’Donnell to a “fat pig,” “slob,” “dog,” and “disgusting animal.” He mocked Carly Fiorina, saying “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” During his presidency, he made fun of Mika Brzezinski, saying he once saw her “bleeding badly from a face-lift.” The list goes on and on.

And this.

And, it comes only a day or two after their defense of this spectacle of Eugenicist disgust from the Dear Leader, spoken to an audience of Paralympians last week:

“What happened with the Paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to me,” Trump said. “And I watched — it’s a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could.”

Paralympians took offense, as they should have.  As ever, lying “prolife” Christianists instantly went to bat for the moron, explaining that he just meant it was tough to watch a lot of television.

Here’s reality: What this mocker of a disabled reporter means is “As President, I have to say something nice about the defectives, but really I can’t stand watching lebensunwertes leben, because I am squeamish about them. Also, I have verbal diarrhea and I can’t stop myself from telling you what I really think when I’m forced by my office to pretend to care about these disgusting freaks.”

This, from a man who took vengeance on his infant nephew with cerebral palsy in a spat over daddy’s money, by cutting off his care.

He is utter scum, and so are his defenders who pretend to care about Michelle Wolf’s decency.

And to the excuse-makers whinging that his comment was “ambiguous” and could just mean that it’s hard to watch a lot of television: give me a freaking break. The man is famous for watching hours of television every day. And he was addressing an assembly honoring Paralympians. You don’t make “ambiguous” statements like this to anybody, much less *this* audience and then complain when they take offence, just as you don’t mock disabled reporters and then complain at disabled people for taking offense.

Paralympians have taken offense. A decent man would apologize. And his supporters would shut the hell up and stop making excuses for him.

But we are talking about the eugenicist slime who is Donald Trump and his antichrist Christianist supporters, who will defend every vile thing this scum says and does, no matter who it hurts–and who will look us in the eye and demand that some stand up comic be held to a higher standard of decency than the President of the United States.

A Christianist subculture that has passionately defended this filth, as well as “grab ’em by the pussy” and calling women pigs and dogs, and cheered for this bullying swine every single day has absolutely no credibility when it suddenly pretends to care about Michelle Wolf “crossing the line”

And that is the tragedy of the “prolife” Christianist in a nutshell. Because in selling its soul to Donald Trump, Christianism has rendered itself incapable of being taken seriously about Wolf’s truly disgusting abortion joke. The Noise Machine has shouted “Wolf!” so often about so many lies and Panics du Jour that when the Wolf actually showed up and made a truly vile “joke” nobody was listening to it anymore. Indeed, it was not even listening to itself, and spent most of its energy pretending to care about “insults” which were perfectly legitimate criticism of a professional liar who spends every day of her career lying in the defense of an even bigger bully and liar.

It is these wicked people, not the unborn, whom the diabolical antichrist cult of Christianism actually care about.

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