Austin Ruse Blows the Jewish Dogwhistle

Austin Ruse Blows the Jewish Dogwhistle April 28, 2018

Austin Ruse, who is definitely not sending out anti-semitic dogwhistles or anything, claims that Simcha Fisher, Jenn Morson, and Rebecca Bratten Weiss, all Jewish Jews of Jewishness, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift, are somehow receiving gelt from ArchJew George Soros, Master Octopus of the Conspiracy.

He also has noted elsewhere that Ms. Morson is my disciple because anybody who comments in my comboxes is my disciple. And, of course, Simcha and I are well-known collaborators in attacking all that is holy about our great god and savior, Donald Trump, which is clearly contrary to the Faith. So I am obviously part of what Ruse calls a “coordinated attack” in his absurd article, even though I’m not named there.  I hover like a sinister genie in the background for his audience, who cannot make up their minds which they hate more, Jews or me:

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This is a little sample of the subculture to whom Ruse is whistling, and boy do they have our number. Jews and their minions such as me are, like, total experts in “coordinated attacks” and stuff.

What Simcha and Jenn have actually done is document the abuse of women on Catholic campuses. That’s it. That’s all. You can read their work here and here.  Weiss’ involvement?  Zip. Zero.  Nada.  Something Ruse could have discovered had he bothered to speak with any of the Jewy Jews of Jewishness he chose to recklessly smear.  So that’s one Jew down as a member of the Cabal.  So much for accuracy.

But what about Simcha and Jenn?  Doesn’t the gelt of the Jew Soros prove their “coordinated attack” exists and is false?  Not so much.

Let us be extremely clear here. As Simcha notes: “If Jewy McCatholic-Killer wrote an accurate article about something bad happening in the Church, and the story was funded by the Satan Foundation? It would still be an accurate article.”

The only thing that matters is the accuracy of the reportage. Not who wrote it. Not who paid the writer. All of that is just the Genetic Fallacy and, in invoking anti-semitic tropes, the fallacy of Poisoning the Well too.

That said, let’s look at the further inaccuracy of Ruse’s smears.

First, baptized Jewish people in union with the Catholics Church are called “Catholics”, not subversive Jews bent on tunneling under the Church, as Ruse suggestively suggests.  Ruse advertises himself as the Catholic Defender of the Family and proves his Super Catholic Family Value Credentials this way:

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Indeed, so fascinated is the apostle of Family Values and Catholic Purity with the booty of Donald Trump’s third wife, that he has, as of this writing, made the first image his wallpaper on his Twitter page. In another thread, Mr. Ruse claimed that he posted those images to expose how the “liberal media” perpetuates rape culture–because some idiots will believe anything. Somebody asked him why he made it his cover photo, but as of this writing he hasn’t yet replied. This is the man positioning himself to talk about the mean, mean Jewish women who are covering the abuse of women at Catholic colleges.

And in addition to his credentials as the Defender of Women, Ruse also has excellent credentials as the Friend of Jews.  Here he is, offering geometric logic to defend Trump’s Inaugural invitation to an Austrian Nazi. Because what could possibly be more germane to the mission of the Church and the defense of the family than that?

Meanwhile, instead of talking about Catholic family values, Simcha lives them and is the mother of ten children. Ruse declares her a “leftist” (Christianist code for “pro-abort”) nonetheless. Why? Because the Reverer of the Sexual Madonna’s Ass and Her Other Ass, Donald Trump, says so, that’s why. And right-thinking Catholics will be properly and Pavlovianly stampeded by the mention of Soros accordingly.

Here’s reality: Like all writers, Fisher, Weiss, and Morson get paid for their work. This is called “making a living”.

That said, Simcha has never been paid by Soros:

No, I am not funded by George Soros in any remote way.
No, no one paid me or my husband to write the Christendom stories.
No, we did not coordinate our stories with anyone else’s story. The month we ran the stories was somewhat less lucrative than other months, and I lost some patrons for writing it. We wrote it because we thought it was important. We love the Church and want to see her thrive.

Here’s how I get paid:

-Ad revenue from my blog through Mediavine;
-Flat fee per post from America and The Catholic Weekly;
-Flat fee per post from Parable magazine;
-Donations from patrons via PayPal and Patreon;
-Royalties from book and magnet (yes, magnet) sales;
-Speaking fees;
-Flat fee payments for the occasional freelance essay or book chapter.

That’s it, folks. We hustle and we have ten kids. I don’t get grants. I applied for one once, but they said no. I turn down article ideas and assignments if I don’t think they’re good or true.

She then sagely concludes:

You can’t follow the money when THERE IS NO MONEY.

Her Inquisitors are, of course, undaunted by reality and go on suspecting her since she comes from a Jewish heritage (her parents were Catholic converts and she was raised Catholic) and her name is Fisher, which they habitually spell “Fischer”. A word about that.  Simcha notes:

ALSO, you DUMBASSES, my maiden name is Prever. That’s a French name, bc my grandparents came over on a French boat. Fisher is my married name. My husband, Mr. Fisher, is Scots-Irish, and Fisher is a MADE UP NAME that his great grandfather took when he wanted to sneak back into the country. This means you are all STUPID.

So, Ruse strikes out again in the accuracy department for the simple reason that Soros don’t enter into it with Fisher, so why is she mentioned in his article?  (((I’ll give you one guess.)))

That leaves Morson. And again, the issue is only “Is her piece accurate?” not “Who paid her?” Still and all, just for grins and giggles, let’s look at her that question anyway. Here is what the Catholic News Agency actually reported:

Franciscan University came under fire in an April 16 article in the National Catholic Reporter, which included claims from some alumni of the University, who alleged that some instances of past sexual harassment or assault were mishandled by the school.

The article’s publication was supported by a grant from The Media Consortium, which has partnered with Bitch Media to produce the “DIShonor Roll,” a series of stories on the handling of sexual assault at college campuses following the #MeToo campaign.

Jenn Morson, the freelance journalist who authored the Reporter article, told CNA that she was only made aware of the grant after she had filed her story.

The Media Consortium is a 501c3 non-profit “dedicated to values-driven journalism. Founded in 2006, the Media Consortium’s mission is to support and grow the impact of the independent and community news sector.”

Its leadership includes Julie Falk, Executive Director of Bitch Media, and Caitlin Hendel, CEO of the National Catholic Reporter. The Media Consortium has reportedly been the recipient of several grants from the Open Society Foundation, funded by progressive billionaire George Soros.

In other words, Morson’s connection to Soros is as direct as taxpayer Austin Ruse’s connection to the funding of Planned Parenthood by the Party of Trump.  Indeed, less so, since we know the Party of Trump has funded Planned Parenthood for the sixth time, while it is only “reportedly” that Soros money funded The Media Consortium. What we know is that Morson wrote a story she wrote for the Reporter, not the Media Consortium and had no idea of the “reported” connection to Soros.

So, there is, in fact, zero evidence that Morson, Fisher or Weiss “coordinated” anything with each other. There is zero evidence that Morson, Weiss, or Fisher coordinated anything with Soros.   There is, in short, no There there whatsoever.  Just a baseless Jew-baiting smear from Austin Ruse, defender of Austrian Nazis and FLOTUS booty-follower.

In conclusion: Conspiracy theories are History for Stupid People. Jewish Conspiracy Theories are History for Toxic Stupid People.

Booty-chasing Austin Ruse makes nearly $200K a year running his Christianist apostolate devoted to seducing believers to the worship of the Party of Trump, the Sex Predator-in-Chief, and the third wife that occupies so much of his fantasy life. If you believe in Following the Money, that’s the booty you should be following.

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