This is America

This is America May 29, 2018

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This is a bus for babies snatched away from their parents at the border by our sadistic border policies.

This is happening in our country, to the orgasmic joy of Good White Christianists who now blasphemously declare Trump to be the Fulfilment of Prophecy. And while it does, the author of this policy of vindictive, sadistic cruelty perfects the diabolical lie by simultaneously inflicting the policy while blaming the opponents of this policy for it.

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Result: the Christianist People of the Lie somehow manage to both erupt in moral outrage at Damn Libruls for Hurting the Children[TM] while also enjoying sadistic glee at “illegals” who are only getting what is coming to them when their kids are ripped from their arms.

Meanwhile, Christians support the integrity of the family protest this outrage against humanity.

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