The Gun Cultist as Horror Movie Villain

The Gun Cultist as Horror Movie Villain July 5, 2018

A Christian believes that life is sacred from conception to natural death. The American Gun Cult, in contrast, has striven for 30 years to see to it that this, sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is now to be the New Normal in kindergartens across America:

One of the qualities of the Horror Movie Villain that makes him so creepy is his sociopathic narcissism. Such villains give us chills, not because they twirl their mustaches and rub their hands at being eeeeeevil, but because they simply do not see their victims at all even when they are looking right at them.

This is the mark of the Gun Cult. A Gun Cultist, I say again, is not somebody who owns or shoots guns. A Gun Cultist is marked rather by his total, obsessive, self-absorbed narcissism. When confronted by the spectacle of slaughter in an elementary school, the normal person automatically responds, “Dear God in heaven, what can we do to make sure this never happens again!” It is the normal response of any psychologically well-adjusted human.

In contrast, the sole response of the Gun Cultist is “I didn’t do it! Screw you! Don’t touch my gun!” He may elaborate on this primal selfishness with more crazy, such as, “This was a hoax perpetrated by Obama! The parents of those ‘dead kids’ are in on this!” or some variation on these themes. But at the heart of the response is this: when push comes to shove, the Gun Cultist would rather see every single child in the US have his or her head blown off than consider even the tiniest change to our gun regime. Put very simply, if you ask Gun Cultist, “If you had to choose between every kid in the US being shot in the head and giving up your gun?” the Gun Cultist would gladly see every child die first. Of course, he does not say that so plainly. But his every word and action is ordered that end. To every call for change he always, always, always offers resistance, denial, and counsels of inaction, despair, futility, and the maintenance of the status quo. And that means, with absolute statistical certainty, that by year’s end 35,000 people will be dead and there will absolutely have been several more mass shootings and school slaughters.

The Gun Cult owns that 100%.

Don’t you think that’s overstating things, Mark?

No. Because, in fact, after Sandy Hook (and the many many many many many mass shootings since then) the Gun Cult has, in fact, fought tooth and nail to make sure that there is not the slightest change to our gun regime. The trivial fact that we don’t have the capacity to actually kill every child is beside the point. We know what the Gun Cult is willing to sacrifice. We’ve known it since Sandy Hook. Now they are just haggling about the price. They will not only gladly permit the slaughter of an unlimited number of children, they will do everything they can to attack and even murder those children should they protest the Gun Cult.

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And so, some Gun Cultist called in a SWAT team on David Hogg a couple of weeks ago.

Let us be clear: This was an attempt at murder-by-cop. From the Gun Cult that lies that it fears a powerful state and needs guns to protect itself from that state. The Gun Cult has no problem with using the state to crush and even kill its enemies. That is what this was: attempted murder, not a prank. The cops have an obligation to do whatever they can to track down the person who made this call and prosecute them for attempted murder.

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