Why am I running a series on the Church’s teaching about the relationship…

Why am I running a series on the Church’s teaching about the relationship… November 8, 2018

between the Jewish and Christian covenants?

Because on Tuesday, the diabolical antichrist Cult of Trump made extremely clear that all the lies they have ever told you about “VOTE GOP OR THE BABY GET IT!!!!” are lies indeed.

Proof? In Illinois, the race was between a prolife Democrat named Dan Lipinski and a genuine, bona fide, literal 100% Nazi named Arthur Jones. Who did the “prolife” Christianist Cult of Trump vote for? 56,000 thousand members of that Cult–one quarter of the whole voter turnout, chose the Nazi over the prolife guy.

Never tell me again that the Cult of Trump cares about the unborn as anything but human shields for their misogyny, race hatred, and antisemitism. The Cult had a choice and they made it–loud and clear–in Illinois.

And that’s why I’m talking about what the Church actually teaches. Because as the Holy Father said the other day, antisemitism must be banned from the human community.

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