A reader asks why I’m so much harder on “pro-life” Christians

A reader asks why I’m so much harder on “pro-life” Christians January 31, 2019

He writes:

I just wish you would focus on the life issue at hand, instead of twisting everything in order to condemn the GOP and support Dems. Whenever the GOP does something wrong, you hammer them for it, but when Dems do things wrong, you twist it to again focus on how everything is the GOP’s fault. Smack the Dems around a bit too. They’re deserving of it as well.

I don’t think I twist anything. When Dems fail to live by their own principles, I say so. And I hope to help Dems grow past their own short-sighted principles when it comes to abortion. (And, by the way, a third of them already do.)

But those to whom much is given, much will be required. The servant who does not know his master’s will and does not do it will be beaten with few blows. The servant who knows his master’s will and does not do it will be beaten with many blows.

Conservative Christians run around calling themselves the most prolife people in the history of ever while cynically using the unborn as human shields in order to pursue their real goals of power, money, and racist oppression. It was not abortion, but Trump’s stupid monument to white supremacy that “prolife” Christians were glad to shut down the government and inflict mindless cruelty on the country to obtain. That’s what really mattered to them.

People on the left very often come from backgrounds that have never taught them the unborn are to be treated with respect. Are you offended when a Hindu does not worship Christ? Then why are you offended when somebody who does not believe the unborn to be as important as the born acts on their principles? Should their minds be changed? Sure. How do you expect that to happen when it is obvious that even most of those who claim to care about the unborn do nothing of the kind when the unborn are inconvenient to their real aims of money, power and racist oppression of the weak?

So yeah. I absolutely smack the “prolife” GOP Christianists around more. They are a scandal and they make bearing witness to the gospel immensely more difficult.

And I do bear witness to it and to the dignity of the unborn. The only people who lie that I don’t are not unbelievers but right wing lying Christianists.

Here’s a simple test for every conservative Christian liar: just ask somebody who is pro-choice if they think I support abortion or am “secretly not a real Christian”.
I have a number of such readers right in my comboxes. Guys? Are you confused about my views? Are you baffled about whether I am a Catholic or oppose abortion?

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