Sonnet for a Friday

Sonnet for a Friday February 1, 2019

(After Jeremiah 20:10-11)

I repented, and Satan said, “Not good
enough!” Mocking me, he spat in my face,
called me liar, bore down on me and stood
over me, hissing out the threat, “Abase
yourself! Crawl on your belly and, squirming,
hate what God has made and call yourself scum.
You do not truly repent if ‘vermin’
you do not name yourself and zero sum
all you are, annihilating your soul
in my malignant contempt for your heart.”

But Christ, from his cross, cried, “No! Be made whole!
It is your sin I come to tear apart,
not you. I bore the hatred of the crowd
and judge you in mercy, not as the proud.

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