Jennifer Rubin is right and wrong

Jennifer Rubin is right and wrong January 22, 2019

She is right in that she opposes the racist Freak Show that is the Cult of Trump. But she is wrong in that she is trying, as so many conservatives are trying, to minimize the catastrophe that so-called “conservatives” are 100% responsible for creating. She writes a piece here in which she says that a sliver of U.S. that is ‘racist’ and ‘nativist’ has taken over GOP, and the party is paralyzed.

Now it is absolutely the case that racist, nativist morons and bigots have taken over the GOP. But it is just not the case that this Cult constitutes a “sliver”. It’s a third of the electorate and it is 100% of the GOP. And its absolute backbone are people who self-identify as “faithful, conservative, ‘prolife’ Christians,” both Protestant and Catholic. They have perverted the faith into a tool for accessorizing and weaponizing Christian jargon and imagery into the service of a racist political cult dominated by a Mob Boss. Would that the hierarchy were healthier and could address this massive cancer eating at the Church’s guts. But as it is, it is up to the lay disciples of Jesus Christ to contrive some way to fight this cancer and make other disciples of Jesus who are not Christianist slaves to antichrist.

Here is the White Supremacist in Chief, quoting famed Catholic Christianist racist Patrick Buchanan:

That Buchanan piece concludes:

Image may contain: text

John Zmirak, Court Prophet for Christianist White Supremacy offered substantially the same argument for the delectation of “prolife” racists a few years back: Amnesty Equals Abortion.  Of course, it never occurs to these bigots that if their white supremacist cult did not treat the brown and poor like vermin but instead welcomed them as brothers and sisters in Christ, they might not turn to Democrats for help.  Nope, the Cult makes very clear that the unborn are simply human shields for the real agenda that Buchanan spells out:  Making America White Again.

Not unrelatedly, four women were just found “guilty” and could go to prison for the “crime” of putting water bottles out in the desert so that refugees don’t die of thirst. Funnily enough, nobody at the March for Trump mentioned this threat to human life and dignity. These women were literally saving lives from death by dehydration in the desert. But since the MAGA mob loves that sadistic cruelty, nobody talked about it at the March for “Life”. Any attempt to save human lives the Cult of Trump wants to snuff is “diluting the message”. Because most of the “prolife” movement is about using the unborn as human shields for GOP Culture of Death priorities. So all lives inconvenient to the GOP are the opposite of, not related to, the unborn. It’s a diabolical sleight of hand that has worked for 39 years.

Ultimately, such deception is a doomed project, of course.  But the Party of White Supremacy is nothing if not stupid and stubborn.

And viciously antichristian.  The gospel tells us that there is not white, brown, or black in Christ.  But the Cult of Trump is the enemy of the gospel.  And no one is a greater Judas than somebody who claims to be a better Catholic than the pope while deliberately vending racist lies that are an insult to the name of Jesus Christ.

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