Fasting Friday 4

Fasting Friday 4 April 5, 2019

More penitential suggestions from Deacon Nick, with my commentary as an ordinary lay slobovian making my way through Lent:

  • Read the documents of Vatican II, especially Gaudium et Spes. I’ve been meaning to do this.
  • Read The Catechism of the Catholic Church or The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults. I’ve read large chunks–especially the section on the creed since I’m writing a book on the Creed–but never the whole thing.
  • Sign up for adult formation classes at a local parish. No time for this.
    Join a Bible study. Nor this.  But I’m pretty sure I’m reasonably well-formed, biblically speaking.
  • Attend Stations of the Cross at a local parish. This I have time for.
  • Find a spiritual director. Done.
  • Read The Imitation of Christ. One of these days.
  • Listen to a free Catholic audio book from Maria Lectrix. Audio books are not my thing.
  • Read Introduction to the Devout LifeOne of these days.
  • Read a spiritual autobiography (i.e., Augustine’s ConfessionsStory of a SoulJournal of a Soul), One of these days.
  • Volunteer at soup kitchen or other food program. I keep meaning to do this and I keep failing to do this.
  • Coordinate a food drive at your parish, school or place of employment. Coordinating things is something I suck at.
  • Find out who in your parish is sick and offer to visit them or bring them food. Will do.
  • Call your local Catholic Charities office and volunteer. No time for this.
  • Begin making visits to a nursing home. Or this.
  • Help an elderly or disabled person in your neighborhood with yard work or other difficult chores. There don’t seem to be any.
  • Become a hospital volunteer. No time.
  • Become part of a prison ministry team. Still no time.
  • Coordinate a clothing drive. Believe me, nobody wants me doing this, unless they want the whole thing cocooned in administrative chaos.
  • Make rosaries and give them away. One of these days.  Just updating this blog takes all day Mondays.  The rest of the week is spent writing two books and keeping the wolf from the door.
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