Headed for our Hidden Island Redoubt

Headed for our Hidden Island Redoubt May 23, 2019

…and will be back on Tuesday.  But fear not!  I’ve loaded stuff in the hopper to post while I’m gone.

Here’s a little something I wrote in gratitude for the gift God has given us in this place of healing, joy, and love:

Lopez Island

For thirty years we have come here to do
necessary tasks of almost nothing.
Snooze.  Read. Pray. Walk among elder ents who
sniff the salt air and mark our brief passing.
Once I watched a heron hunt for his lunch.
I’ve walked miles under circling eagles,
tasted cool water, admired bunches
of flowers standing blue, bright, and regal.
Jan and I have heard our children’s voices
high in song and echoing through the woods
ripen through time and sound deep rejoicing

notes that roll with the surf and toll, “It’s good!
Upon my soul, it’s good and mends my heart.
Giving us all a childhood’s dear, fresh start.

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