Three Children Shot in the Head by Cops

Three Children Shot in the Head by Cops May 28, 2019

is a perfectly typical headline from 2019 America.  So typical that it will be forgotten by lunch.

“Three children raped by priest” still gets a rise out of people.  But not “Three children shot in the head by cops”.

It’s worth asking why.  Why do people say, as they should, “The Church needs to fix this and the state needs to punish the Church till it does” but the response of so many people to cops shooting kids in the head is to immediately search for some excuse–despite the fact that Youtube is absolutely bulging with right-in-front-of-your-eyes examples of outrageous police abuse of power, acts of assault, torture, cold-blooded murder, evidence tampering, and incredible exonerations and rehiring of violent goons, white supremacists, and stone cold killers?

Here’s reality.  Just as sexual predators tend to gravitate toward those professions that will put them in contact with prey, so violent predators are likewise naturally going to gravitate toward those professions that give them the opportunity to inflict violence on their prey.  That means the military, police, and security force.  Places where you are handed the technology that lets you shoot people, beat people, tase them on the genitals till they die screaming, beat the living daylights out of schizophrenics until they die screaming, assault them in jail, and force them to give birth alone.  All these things have occurred and been documented in this, the largest prison state on the planet.

We have long since learned from bitter experience that the fact sex predators are attracted to the priesthood is not dealt with by responding, “HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING OF A PRIEST!?”  We have been forced by experience to institute careful screening programs to stop the predators from infiltrating the system in search of prey.

We have do the same with our cops and military and all professions that involve the use of violence.  We also have to absolutely reverse course on the formation of our cops and teach them to see themselves as Guardians of the community and not as Warriors *against* the community, fighting a subject population on behalf of paymasters who see the rest of us as enemies and not as fellow citizens.

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