How to deploy the unborn as human shields for the cruelty you love

How to deploy the unborn as human shields for the cruelty you love September 24, 2019

From an actual and utterly typical conversation between a Whole Life Catholic and a a couple of people right wing “prolife” Catholics:

WLC: New Trump administration rules stand to block the public from knowing anything about the treatment of migrant children in detention facilities.

They don’t want you to know what they’re doing to children.

ZTC#1: Where are the 60million children aborted in the US??????????

The use of the unborn as human shields for their sadistic cruelty to children at the border is the ugliest and most repulsive tactic of the “prolife” Cult of Trump.

ZTC#2: My point was simply that you might see this kind of what-aboutism less because – regardless of the quality of your reason – you less often write about topics which would prompt it. In other words, regardless of the reason for it, you mention abortion less and so abortion what-aboutism *makes sense* as a response, whereas you mention immigration a great deal and so immigration what-aboutism simply wouldn’t make sense.

WLC: I think, is that there are few if any single-issue immigration advocacy voters, but a great many single-issue anti-abortion voters.

So when an anti-abortion voter says “But abortion,” they’re effectively trying to shut down any topic but their one pet topic, whereas if an immigration advocacy voter says “What about immigrants?” to a pro-lifer, they aren’t necessarily trying to shut down every other topic — there are probably other topics they could have appealed to just as easily — but simply to confront the anti-abortion voter with an important topic other than their one pet topic.

It is the reflexive habit of the right wing to pit the unborn against all those the Cult of Trump wants to rob, harm, and kill. Any mention of their victims *always* brings out the Zero Sum lie that the unborn are being “neglected”. It is their perpetual strategy and a complete and utter lie.

It would be so wonderful if the people saying “We have to focus on abortion” actually did focus on abortion. But instead what they do is *claim* they focus on abortion while, in fact, devoting their time and energy to defending every lie and sadistic cruelty of their god king, Trump. Look at Pavone’s freakish MAGA zealotry. His defense of the sadism at the border. His sacrilegious use of a fetus on an altar for a 45 minute Trump stump speech. The prolife movement does not focus on abortion. It focuses on using the unborn as human shields for every lie and act of cruelty to the least of these the Cult of Trump commits.

ZTC#1: Without the right to life, one gets any other rights. Abortion is the intentional murder of innocent human life. All other mistreatment and injustice flows from the lack of the right to life, thereby taking a backseat of priority.

The lie that we cannot do anything about any other evil–especially evils loved by the Right Wing Cult of Death–until all abortion everywhere is magicked out of existence is just one more way of using the unborn as human shields to defend the vile evils of the Cult of Trump.

You know what would be really great? If opponents of abortion did what they perpetually demand others do and spoke to pro-choice people to make clear that they do not simply use the unborn as human shields for all the cruelty they love and approve of. But, of course, that would mean they would have to give up their love and approval of cruelty, which they support in overwhelming percentages and then are surprised when pro-choice people see it and regard them as flaming hypocrites with no actual interest in the unborn. But instead, “prolife” people perpetually demand that all talk of the human being pro-choice people care about be rejected and abandoned and that they pretend to take seriously “prolife” talking points that even “prolife” hypocrites do not take seriously as they applaud for deaths and miscarriages at the border. The narcissism of the Cult of Trump wants everything their way always and will not budge an inch to grant the humanity of its culture war enemies. And it wonders why its reputation is dirt.

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