The Silence of the “Prolife” Cult of Trump on Euthanasia

The Silence of the “Prolife” Cult of Trump on Euthanasia September 9, 2019

Back in the day, we were instructed that among the Five Non-Negotiables was Euthanasia. Of course, that did not count the euthanasia of people conservatives want put out of their misery on death row. As ever, the Most Wrong Demographic in the Church is passionately in favor of that and is willing to fight the Church to kill even innocent people in order to unnecessarily kill the guilty. But they at least said that they opposed the murder of the sick and that this was supposed to be a “non-negotiable” value for them.

Well, all that changed when Donald Trump led them up an exceeding high mountain and told them they could gain the whole world and all its kingdoms if they sold their souls. In overwhelmingly high percentages that is exactly what white conservative Christians–Protestant and Catholic–did. And so, when the Trump administration proposed to give desperate sick people 33 days to clear out of America even if it meant their deaths, Mr. Frank Pavone sprang into action to respond–to David Hogg’s statement that he wanted his dead body delivered to the NRA’s doorstep if one of their cult finally makes good on their repeated threats to assassinate him:

Is that really all the most prolifeyest grifter in the Church had to say about the cold-blooded move to euthanize the lebensunwertes leben?  Of course not!  He also retweeted Bryan Kemper’s complaint that wanting to know who conservative donors are is BIGOTRY!

Yes. These were the weighty issues that concerned “prolife leader” and altar desecrator Mr. Frank Pavone as his god-king threatened to execute this man and this woman

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and many others for the crime of being lebensunwertes leben.

Indeed, apart from Consistent Ethic of Life folks and, of course, the Evil Liberal Media and the godless Left, the silence of the “prolife” Cult of Trump and its antichrist Christianist Court Prophets was deafening.

I remember when this cult of liars screamed that its culture war enemies longed to institute “death panels”.  They told this lie because they wanted to stampede their base of suckers into denying the least of these health care.   But they also did it because, in the cult where accusation is always a form of confession, they projected on to their enemies what they themselves long to do to the weak.

After public outcry, this pack of euthanasizing supermen made a partial retreat.   But don’t be fooled by these killers.  They still advanced the ball down the field toward murdering the weak.

1. They are not accepting any future requests except from those in the US military (whose children will not be granted automatic citizenship any more).

2. They are only agreeing to process those who applied prior to 7 August. So they aren’t going to immediately deport those here on medical deferrals. But they won’t be extending any more such visas.

And the “prolife” grifters like Pavone?  Silence.  Because the Dear Leader commands euthanasia of the brown and that grifting crook in a collar and thousands like him dare not oppose him.

God deliver us from these crooks and liars and give us leaders who speak out clearly on behalf of all human life from conception to natural death.

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