One small counter-argument against the torrent of Trump Cult lies about refugees

One small counter-argument against the torrent of Trump Cult lies about refugees November 12, 2019

When you object to the sexual abuse and torture inflicted on kidnapped children in ICE custody, you swiftly meet MAGA types (“prolife”, doncha know) who love to ring the changes on this bare-faced lie:

The parents who are bringing their children on a dangerous journey from Central America to the USA are to blame for sexual assault.

In addition to exonerating the sex predators who, you know, are the guilty parties, they also lie that refugees had some choice to go someplace other than the US in order to apply for asylum. Here, courtesy of a reader, is reality.

Under US law, treaties supersede local law.

Under signed treaty, the rights of asylum seekers to cross borders, claim asylum, and have their rights protected has been agreed to by the US government.

AND under US law up to “five seconds ago” asylum seekers MUST be physically present in the US to claim asylum.

Therefore all arguments on border crossers who were immediately detained that “they broke the law…. They can be treated inhumanely” ARE INVALID- they are performing the actions allowed for under US law (until five seconds ago- unless it has been changed recently- I haven’t checked this) AND international treaty.

The custom of the MAGA thugs, once this is discovered, is to lie that nobody is being mistreated. Then, when this is documented, the next strategy is to pivot from denying it ever happened to shouting, “AH HA! This report dates back to Obama! Now what do you think of your hero! Why did leftists say nothing about this when he was President?”

Actually, they did. A lot. And they still are. That’s why NPR, the NY Times, the Guardian, ABC New, USA Today, and Common Dreams (to name a few) reported this story while the Right Wing Noise Machine is busy helping to spread Trump’s lies that he is not the creator of the family separation policy.

To commit to the defense of Trump is–always–to commit to telling a torrent of lies.

Speaking of which, next to the disgusting spectacle of the use of the unborn as human shields to defend the sadistic cruelty of Trump’s family separation policies, the next most disgusting thing is listening to Republican Rite Cult prattle on about the “rule of law” at the border while doing everything in their power to defend this treasonous Mob Boss from his richly deserved impeachment.

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