“My dear friend, clear your mind of cant” – Samuel Johnson

“My dear friend, clear your mind of cant” – Samuel Johnson May 12, 2020

It is important that prolife people clear their minds of cant. One of the biggest pieces of cant out there is that Dems, who right wing culture warriors love to describe as “rabidly pro-abortion” are going to somehow turbocharge abortion in some way that will make it more abortiony than ever. They therefore freak out every time some Democrat says that they “fight to defend the right to choose.”

Here’s reality: Dems always say this stuff during election years to shore up their base. But in reality, they know that they do not have to do anything and they sure as hell don’t have to waste time passing some law that will make abortion extra-super-duper abortiony. Why? BECAUSE ABORTION ON DEMAND HAS BEEN, THANKS TO THE GOP, THE LAW OF THE LAND EVER SINCE A GOP COURT WROTE ROE IN 1973 AND ANOTHER GOP COURT ENTRENCHED IT IN 1992 IN THE CASEY DECISION.

Remember FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act? Obama vowed that he would sign it into law on day one of his presidency in 2009. Prolifers freaked out. Then he was elected and you never ever heard of it again because it was all a gimmick to ensure the support of the Dem base. I repeat: Dems don’t have to do anything to “protect abortion” other than maintain the status quo Republicans are 100% responsible for creating. That status quo (have I mentioned it was established and entrenched by the GOP?) has already made abortion from conception till birth the law of the land.

Abortion does not somehow become more abortiony when a Dem is elected. They cannot turbocharge it. They do not go out and start making people have more abortions. They simply don’t do anything to prevent it. In this, they are just like the GOP and the Trump Administration, which raised PP funding 8% (resulting a banner year for Planned Parenthood’s abortion rate).

What Dems do do is pursue policies that tend to reduce demand for abortion by easing economic pressure on the poor to abort, which is why abortion rates plummeted under Clinton, rose slightly under Bush 43, and dropped again under Obama.


1) Since my goal is to reduce the number of abortions rather than simply talk about being prolife, and
2) since the GOP is not going magick abortion away as they have lied they would do for 40 years, and
3) since the GOP now constitutes the gravest domestic threat since the Civil War, and
4) since the GOP in fact advocates a host of anti-life policies it has corrupted the prolife movement into defending while using the unborn as human shields, and
5) since the GOP and its cult leader are now presiding over a murderously incompetent regime that has killed nearly 85,000 Americans, and
6) since the principal achievement of the MAGA “prolife” Cult has been to transform it from a movement that sought to protect unborn babies into a demented armed vigilante movement demanding the human sacrifice of 100K-200K innocents to the worship of Mammon, and
7) since GOP policies actually exert pressure on the poor to abort,

I think it is obviously wiser to address the real world and stop living in a fantasy world that gets more people killed, not fewer.

Accordingly, I will, not merely with a clear conscience but with one compelled by the gospel, gladly vote for whoever the Democrats nominate for President. Our national nightmare–and the horrific bastardization of the gospel that is the MAGA cult–must end.

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