Look at Your Spouse Through God’s Eyes

Look at Your Spouse Through God’s Eyes September 4, 2018

Many years ago, Karen and I stood side-by-side in front of a preacher, promising to love and honor each other “until death do us part.” I had no idea what I was getting into.

I had made (and broken) promises before, and I have to admit this: Those vows were little more than just the words I had to say if I wanted to get married. I was repeating what the preacher told me to repeat. My mind was on the fun part coming up. The kiss, and the honeymoon!

Not that I intended to take my vows lightly. I understood that marriage was a sacred thing, and I fully intended to keep my part of the bargain. After all, I was smitten to the core by Karen. But the concept of God supernaturally binding our hearts and souls together in covenant was foreign to me.

As much as we loved each other, it never occurred to me that God was the one who had brought us together. In the eyes of God, our story was far more significant than two young kids who fell in love and decided to get hitched.
Scripture teaches us that God is intimately involved in our lives. The story of Adam and Eve shows us that our mate is someone God created specifically with us in mind.
God formed Adam and Eve to build a lifelong love affair with each other, to walk hand-in-hand in the Garden, to keep each other warm at night, to work out problems when they disagreed—to grow in love and learn how to navigate life together as a married couple.

God brought Karen into my life for the same purpose. She was created for me. I was created for her. God envisioned us as a couple long before we ever met.
He knew exactly what I needed in a life partner. He created Karen with the gifts, talents, and attributes I most needed in a wife. He created me to meet her needs as well.
He brought us together and nudged our relationship along to accomplish goals neither of us were equipped to accomplish on our own. When we stood before Him at the altar, He supernaturally bound our hearts and lives together in the sacred covenant of marriage.

I see that now. But looking back, I see how unprepared we were, how immature we were, and how little we understood about what we were getting into. We barely survived those early years.
But here’s what I know: If I had seen Karen as someone God created especially for me, I never would have disrespected her as often as I did in our first years together. I never would have taken her for granted. I would have loved her more, treated her better, and been more patient, thoughtful and tender.

I would have listened better and worked harder to meet her needs. I would have cherished her, nurtured her, encouraged her, treasured her, and helped her become what God intended her to be.
Had I seen our relationship from God’s perspective, the difference would have been staggering. Today, I challenge you to look at your spouse through the eyes of the God who brought you together for a reason.

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