Is the Man Really the ‘Head of the Household’?

Is the Man Really the ‘Head of the Household’? November 17, 2018

1. Be Proactive.

Passivity is the opposite of healthy leadership in the home. I’m reading a powerful book by Navy SEALS called “Extreme Ownership” which outlines how those brave warriors take on an extreme level of accountability, responsibility and “ownership” over their missions and over the well being of all those serving in their unit. We as husbands must be proactive in taking on this same mindset in our family’s future. We can’t just sit back and wait for life to happen. We must be leading the way in our faith. We must shape our family’s future through our prayers, our sacrifices, and our words.

2. Be a Provider.

We as husbands are called to work hard to provide for our families. This doesn’t only mean financial provision. In fact, some have abandoned our families in the pursuit of career accolades while convincing ourselves we’re just being good providers. Your family can do with less of almost anything if it means having more of you. We must provide ourselves. We must provide our time. We must provide a Godly example of authenticity even through our many mistakes and imperfections.

3. Be a Protector.

We as husbands and fathers are called to wage a battle against all the forces that would harm our families. This doesn’t just mean being willing to fight the bad guy who breaks in your home or having the courage to chase away the mouse that scares your wife in the kitchen (I’ve actually failed at that challenge before)! It means we must also be willing to fight not against flesh and blood, but as the Bible instructs, our real battle is against evil itself. We need to lead the way in our prayers and our actions so that as we follow Christ, our families would follow us and together we’ll find protection in our Savior’s arms.

Men, we’re going to blow it sometimes. We’re going to make mistakes. Your family doesn’t need you to be perfect, but they desperately need you to be present and to be a “Pro” in these areas above. You’re called to be a leader in your home. You might not be comfortable with that, but God hasn’t always called us to comfort. Have the courage to lead by example.

Never think your leadership responsibility is an opportunity to bully, manipulate or mistreat your wife or children. We will be held to a high account for the way we steward this responsibility. Remember that Christ-like leadership serves others instead of demanding to be served. Christ gave His life for us willingly laying down all his rights for the sake of our good. That’s the kind of love and leadership our families need from us. If we’re following Jesus, we’ll always be headed in the right direction and we’ll earn the trust of those who are following our lead.
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