Protect Your Marriage from Sin (Part 2)

Protect Your Marriage from Sin (Part 2) February 8, 2019

We discussed how even so-called “harmless” sins can lead to devastating consequences in a marriage. For proof, just look to the story of Adam and Eve.

When they were first created in the Garden, the first couple enjoyed a perfect marriage. They were one flesh—naked and unashamed in an intimate wonderland of love.

But after they sinned, that paradise turned into a place where two lonely people hid from God and each other. Their lives were never the same.

“Be self-controlled and alert,” the Apostle Peter wrote. “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8, NIV).

Our enemy hates everything that God has made good…and marriage is very good. That’s why the devil will do whatever he can to destroy marriage.

When Karen and I first married, I was pretty cavalier about sin. I lived more than 20 years of my life either dabbling in sin or seriously indulging in it.

Like most people, I considered myself a good person. But there were some sins I thought weren’t so bad. In fact, I even thought they might enhance our marriage! I pictured the two of us going to church and appearing respectable…but also having “a little fun” when the time was right.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that “a little fun” could have a big backlash. Most of the early problems in our marriage could be traced to the roots of sin I had allowed in my life. Those sins nearly destroyed our relationship.

How did we deal with it? We banished the sin from our lives—even the “little” ones, like the sarcastic comments I thought were harmless.

As a result, we have found that the most enjoyable and fun lifestyle in the world is one of purity and obedience to God.

The first half of my life was spent in sinful pursuits. The last half of my life I’ve spent pursuing God. And though I’m far from perfect, there is no question which half of my life has been the most rewarding and fulfilling. Purity is a blast.

How do we keep our marriages pure? Like Peter wrote, we need to stay alert. We need to be on the lookout for any form of disobedience that might give Satan a foothold in our marriage.

Does this mean we become paranoid or unreasonably devil-conscious? Not at all. But we do need to be wary of the enemy. Because when a spouse is seduced by Satan’s lies—when one person in the marriage allows sin or disobedience into his or her life—then that person is like someone who parks a luxury car in a seedy neighborhood. He or she is asking for trouble.

At the same time, we need to remember that Satan’s power isn’t nearly as great as the power of God. A marriage built upon God’s Word and lived in an atmosphere of purity is untouchable. The devil cannot harm it.

Which marriage do you want to have?

Next, we’ll discuss specific steps you can take to stay alert and keep your marriage pure. Stay tuned!

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