“The Church Would Look Foolish Without Them”: Regina Theresa Sherwood, Long Island, New York (1848-1933)

“The Church Would Look Foolish Without Them”: Regina Theresa Sherwood, Long Island, New York (1848-1933) May 27, 2014

Regina Theresa Sherwood was for many years closely aligned with religion, education and charity in Nassau County. She lived in Glen Cove for 66 years and her intense Catholicity and beneficent work were recognized by Pope Benedict XV. Mrs. Sherwood was born in New York City, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stoll, and resided there for twenty years. In 1873, she married James Ogden Sherwood of Montana in St. Patrick’s Church, Glen Cove, with Very Rev. Msgr. James McEnroe, the pastor, officiating. Mr. Sherwood was founder of the Nassau Union Bank of Glen Cove and the director of several railroads and banking institutions. After taking up residence in Glen Cove, she took a keen interest in St. Patrick’s parish and school and in all civic movements. She gave the famous white marble altar in St. Patrick’s Church as well as many statues in and about the church and the parish school. She perpetuated the Sherwood Medal awards both in Catholic and public schools of Glen Cove in memory of her son who died as a child in 1888. She was a director on the board of the Kings Park Hospital and of many other institutions. Her private, as well as public, charities were both great and extensive. Pope Benedict XV created Mrs. Sherwood a Papal Marchioness. Rt. Rev. Msgr. John B. York, as the delegate of Bishop McDonnell, presented the Papal honor to the Marchioness December 9, 1919. Mrs. Sherwood died November 26, 1933, in her home in the Red Springs colony of Glen Cove after an illness of two years and was buried from St. Patrick’s Church.

 One Hundredth Anniversary: Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, 1853-1953 (Brooklyn: The Tablet Publishing Company, 1953), 128.

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