August 12, 2023

“I want you to spend your life telling the world, not the evening news, but the Good News.” God’s voice spoke loud as thunder to my heart. Powerful and pivotal, this moment affected the course of my life. I was in college studying broadcast journalism to someday sit in a news anchor chair, delivering the world news. Mine were big plans, but God’s plans for me were even bigger. I was young and didn’t know what this would look like,... Read more

July 3, 2023

The lights dimmed, drum cadence began, and dance team started to move. Scores of children’s eyes turned toward the stage, mesmerized. “This – is – the – great-est show!” The lyrics rang rhythmically, as on the screen feet thumped and the ringmaster directed. The movie opening set the stage for a story that became known as “The Greatest Show on Earth.” However, Vanguard Church was setting the stage to show the children something far better, something we call:  “The Greatest... Read more

June 16, 2023

“Don’t ever think you’re going to use those gifts of a pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention.” Our interviewer looked me square in the eyes as he read me the results of my spiritual gifts test. My husband Kelly and I were 25 years old, meeting in Atlanta with the SBC Home Mission Board. Earlier that year in 1996, as we graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, we said “yes” to God’s call to church planting. South Park Baptist Church in... Read more

June 5, 2023

“Instead of burning the books, use them as a bridge to lead children to Me.” Clear as day, if I have ever heard God speak to me, it was in that moment way back in 2002. The Harry Potter craze was coming into its own, sparking both controversy and cult. Children worldwide were diving into the books, fostering a love for reading and a fandom for all things Hogwarts. School teachers were thrilled that kids were actually picking up books... Read more

December 1, 2022

God has sent you and I a friend request. It’s extraordinary, really. The God who designs snowfalls and draws sunrises, the God who initiated breath and inspires life – – – He wants to be our friend. This invitation is overwhelming, and He welcomes us to respond to His friend request any day, hour or even moment the whole year through. However, I believe there’s nothing like the season of Advent to really deeply ponder God’s extraordinary invitation He sent... Read more

November 16, 2022

I don’t usually think about gemstones or talk about my dreams. However, recently I had a gemstone dream so vivid that it seemed strangely important. My pastor husband has challenged our church to write down our dreams and seek God about them. So, when my gemstone dream lingered, I recorded it and asked God what it meant. Even now, I see the dream in my mind’s eye and hear its message in my heart. I eventually shared this with the women... Read more

November 9, 2022

It was a beautiful Breckenridge morning, promising the best of Colorado spring skiing. The day dawned sunny and bright, but I stood frozen in my skis. As I surveyed the black diamond run in front of me, my heart pounded with all the “what if’s” I faced. My intermediate skiing skills were good enough, but now, on this day, my ski instructor friend was taking me far past the blue intermediate trails and on to the advanced black diamond slopes.... Read more

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