Monday theology tweets: capitalism & Psalm 24:1

Monday theology tweets: capitalism & Psalm 24:1 July 9, 2012

Monday is my Sabbath day. I almost always walk around and talk to God either in the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, or at Lake Acotink near my house. On a lot of Mondays, I get thoughts in my head that it seems like God is revealing to me so I put them into 140 character format and blast them out to the universe over twitter. Maybe it’s wrong to be engaged in social media in the midst of sacred prayer time, but it feels like something God is pushing me to do. This Monday’s theology tweets were inspired by two scriptures: (1) Ephesians 2:11-22, my sermon text for this weekend which describes Jesus’ cross as the place where God reconciles us by putting to death the hostility between people (v. 16) and (2) Psalm 24, this week’s lectionary psalm, which opens by saying, “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” the most concise repudiation of the concept of capitalism in the Bible.

Some people are Christians in order to be comfortable with their privilege; others are rescued from both comfort and privilege.

  Morgan Guyton Morgan Guyton@MAGuyton

The claim that the market needs no regulation is derived in the Darwinian claim that the world needs no Creator.

To many Christians, Jesus’ cross is their self-justification; few let the cross deliver them from self-justification.

The earth is either a garden that exists to glorify God or a plantation that exists to make some people rich. Ps 24:1

Success that isn’t attributed to God is failure at the most basic level, since our vocation as humans is to glorify God.

The cross makes it so that people who don’t have a leg to stand on can stand together on the foundation of Christ.

Is the need for meritocracy inherent to the human condition or is it the product of capitalism creating us in its image?


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  • I wish to thank you for your thoughts. Some of them require me to look up their meaning-(sometimes I feel like I should not even be trying to understand). I just want you to know that there are some of us “plain folk”; trying to find out what Christ is all about; yet realizing that Christ’s speech was as simple as taking the hull off a peanut or watching the birth of your child. Both are miracles

    • Morgan Guyton

      Thanks for writing. Just trying to figure it out myself. I only use fancy words because I was an English major. Hope its not off putting.

  • Lane

    I really like the garden/plantation contrast, Morgan. As pastors used to say back home in Alabama, that’ll preach.

    • Morgan Guyton

      Thanks Lane!

  • Thank you for the tweets, Morgan. I wish that those who worship capitalism would just be honest about the fact that they are Darwinists and not Christians. It’s the mixture of pious religiosity and ruthless materialism that really drives me up the wall.