Milo Yiannopoulos and misguided leftist censorship

Milo Yiannopoulos is a despicable person. In addition to his racist alt-right views, his entire platform is built upon internet trolling. The means by which he gains followers is to solicit "persecution" from "political correctness" by engaging in malicious ad hominem attacks. In this sense, he is the embodiment of the toxicity that American conservatism has acquired in the Reagan age. He exudes the opposite of the character qualities of authentic conservatism like patience, integrity, d … [Read more...]

What if Franklin Graham was right about God’s role in Trump’s election?

When the news broke of Russian interference in the presidential election, Franklin Graham responded with a widely panned tweet asking "Do you think it was the Russians interfering with the election or was it God?" I don't understand the mystery of how God interacts with our world. I refuse to be a closet deist like many of my fellow mainline Protestant ministers who try to argue that because God is the ground of all being, he doesn't get tangled up in any of the details. On the other hand, I'm … [Read more...]

I would have settled for a field goal

Before I was ever a writer, I played football. I love the game. It's one of the few masculine things about me. My grandpa was good friends with Grant Teaff, who coached Baylor's football team in the eighties, so every year at Baylor's homecoming game, I got to stand on the sidelines with my grandpa. I've seen a lot of football games, but I've never seen anybody do anything quite as bold as what Clemson did last night. I would have settled for a field goal. It seemed like a metaphor for something … [Read more...]

Hypersensitive college professor asks hypersensitive president-elect to protect him from his hypersensitive students

First Things senior editor and Emory English professor Mark Bauerlein is intimidated by his college students. He says that on his campus, "Nobody wants to provoke others, so everyone carries an invisible trigger-meter" because "hypersensitivity is out of control." And he wants Donald Trump's administration to do something about it: "Recognizing that sensitivity is charted on racial and sexual differences, the new administration should attack school policies that aggravate them." Wow. While I've … [Read more...]

How did defenders of absolute truth become post-truth ideologues?

A crucial part of my conservative evangelical upbringing was learning about the difference between “absolute truth” and “relativism.” We were taught that conservative evangelicals believed in truth, while liberals believed that each person gets to make up their own “truth.” So I thought that conservatism was defined by loyalty to the truth. To be a conservative meant to believe and tell the truth even when the whole world around you is telling lies.What eroded my conservative evangelicalism m … [Read more...]

My top 10 blog posts from 2016

I don't do my end of year top 10 list according to popularity, because the blog posts that get the most attention are often the trashiest. So the following top 10 list of posts are blogs that I think are worth sharing again. They are listed in chronological order as opposed to any kind of ranking. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump doesn’t need your tax dollars like NOLA Wesley does

There are two days left in 2016. That means you have two days left to find worthy causes to support with tax-deductible donations that will decrease the amount that you are required by the IRS to give to Donald Trump. It means this is my last opportunity to share my heart with you and hope that you will make it possible for me to continue doing a job that I love. Without an influx of financial support, I will need to pursue a different ministry appointment.The reason I moved down to New … [Read more...]

Why I hate the word “content”

I usually hate words whenever they become trendy, whenever it seems like people are saying them because they want others to know that they're in the know. But the word "content" is uniquely vile to me because it's a metaphor for everything I find disgusting about the age of social media and platform-building and branding and search engine optimization. I consider "content" to be the master-signifier of an age consumed entirely by  intellectual prostitution.Content is a definitively vacuous … [Read more...]

How Christians overcome the scandal of a baby God

God cannot be a baby. That's a scandal. Because babies are not omnipotent. They're not dispassionate unmoved movers. Plus to be a baby requires spending time in the womb of a human mother completely contingent upon her for survival which is completely not how an eternal being subsists. That's what ruffled the feathers of Nestorius, the fourth century archbishop of Constantinople. He was deeply uncomfortable with an ancient hymn that referred to Mary as the "God-bearer." He said the hymn could be … [Read more...]

Is it now against evangelical orthodoxy to oppose Trump?

Do you remember way back three months ago when conservative evangelical figureheads like Russell Moore were saying that the 81% of evangelicals supporting Donald Trump weren't "real" evangelicals? Christianity Today found a way to manipulate survey data to show that a majority of evangelicals were not voting for Donald Trump when they are measured "by belief, not self identity." Well, we live in a different universe now. I don't know to what degree Christianity Today has faced a backlash from … [Read more...]