The God who wants us to stay thirsty

The God who wants us to stay thirsty October 2, 2013

cupid1Eros is an exasperatingly paradoxical kind of love. It is most fulfilled by being perpetually unfulfilled. It is a thirst that wants to stay thirsty. It is also a passion that is beyond our direct rational control, which is what gives it such a dangerous power to destroy the relationships to which we have committed ourselves. At the same time, eros perfectly channeled is nothing less than worshiping God with all of our hearts. It can be directed entirely to God like King David’s eros is in Psalm 42 or it can be directed to God by way of our longing for the intimate depth of another human person who radiates the image of God. What has killed eros in our time is the commodification of sexuality. To see others as “meat” to be consumed sexually is the opposite of true eros. Hear more from my September 22nd sermon:

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  • Jeff

    I thought this was going to be a meme with the Dos Equis guy. “Stay thirsty my friends”

    • Morgan Guyton

      That’s where I got that from!!! I couldn’t remember. LOL.

  • and on the flipside, eros is demonized as always repugnant except for the unsavory necessity to make babies. eros is that which we choose to make it. and, i believe that god is truly there as always.

    • Morgan Guyton

      Yeah I really wanted to reclaim a positive vision for eros.