Survey shows Christians prefer making fun of people to sharing the gospel

Survey shows Christians prefer making fun of people to sharing the gospel May 27, 2016


A recent survey shows that Christians today prefer making fun of people to sharing the gospel by a large margin. Perhaps most surprisingly, a majority of respondents would rather share sarcastic articles with no spiritually edifying purpose on their Facebook page than quotes from the Bible.

Professional Facebook troll Josh Gilligan explains, “I used to just tell people on the internet they were going to hell, but that got boring. Now with the help of the geniuses at Babylon Bee, I’ve got so many ways to show everyone how stupid they are.”

According to missiological church consultant Danny Frisbee, scorn is the new way to be relevant in today’s culture: “We live in the world of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. Why should atheists have a monopoly on scorn? It’s time for Christians to show that we’re better at scorn than anybody else. Back in the early 2010’s, we thought the answer was beer and cigars and beards. But we’re finding that the best way to attract hipsters is to create a church built entirely on irony.”

This new trend is already having a big impact on attendance at megachurches across the country as pastors have started incorporating ridicule into their messages. Lifelong bully Walter McIntosh explains, “You know, I stopped going to my last church when our pastor did a sermon series on the Beatitudes. It was super-lame. I mean blessed are the meek; how gay can you get? But my friend Shane showed me this new church where Pastor Bobby preaches. It’s so great. All he does is make fun of people the whole sermon long. It’s like being in high school again when we used to give the nerds chocolate swirlies in the boy’s bathroom.”

One piece of data remained inconclusive. Apparently, no one in the survey pool could confirm that the reason they decided to follow Jesus was because somebody else had made them feel like an idiot. But Frisbee cautioned against drawing conclusions: “This is a very new evangelism strategy, so we need to give it time to develop. One thing we do know is that people in this country enjoy making fun of other people. One of the best things about scorn is that it helps to weed out the sensitive people in our churches. Jesus doesn’t have time for fragile people who talk about their feelings all the time; he wants people who can hold their own in a put-down contest. That’s the measure of a true disciple. If we’re going to fight the rising tide of secularism in our world, then we’ve got to be more sarcastic and ironic than anybody else.”

Time will tell whether this new strategy of emulating worldly behavior will result in greater enthusiasm for Christian discipleship. In the meantime, a growing group of Christians are growing increasingly pleased with themselves as they come up with more and more brilliant ways to make other people feel dumb.

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