Satan, Beyonce, and Jesus the Problematic Fave

Satan, Beyonce, and Jesus the Problematic Fave September 6, 2016
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This week on Crackers and Grape Juice, I talked with one of my favorite people Jarell Wilson. We started off talking about Satan, but as our conversations often go, we went a whole lot of places. One of the basic unresolved dilemmas that we raised is how to tell the difference between when we’re being satanic accusers and Christlike prophets, because Jesus was a “problematic fave.” He didn’t always behave in that meek and mild manner that we attribute to the word “Christlike.” He was rude to people, often unfairly. Just ask Martha and Simon the Pharisee and the Syrophoenician woman. So if we’re going to be like Jesus, it doesn’t mean that we’re necessarily going to be sweet, shiny, happy Christians. Jesus was a complicated dude. Almost like a male version of Beyonce. Because of course you knew that inevitably we were going to bring Beyonce into it.

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