The 7 Best #GospelBro Retorts to #EugenePeterson

The 7 Best #GospelBro Retorts to #EugenePeterson July 13, 2017

Eugene Peterson (Wikipedia)
Eugene Peterson (Wikipedia)

I don’t have time to write a real blog post since I’m leaving for Wild Goose tomorrow morning. But Eugene Peterson is the most established evangelical leader to date to go public with his support for same sex marriage in an interview that dropped yesterday. He wrote a translation of the Bible called the Message that hundreds of evangelical megachurch pastors use in their sermons every week. Needless to say, #GospelBro Twitter was not amused. So I wanted to share the seven best #GospelBro retorts to Eugene Peterson to get some clickbait and make up for my lack of recent blog posts. Be sure to reach out to these #GospelBro heroes and thank them for standing up for the faith.

"Fantastic blog and devotional. Thanks for sharing."

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