Make Us Your Flesh (A Poem About God)

Make Us Your Flesh (A Poem About God) January 11, 2019

Make us your flesh;
let your love drip
down like oil
that is messy & smelly
so that every inch of
our skin will be touched,
and we will know your love
is sticky and sweet
and cannot be wiped off
by shame or fear
or all the verbal spears
of the enemy.
Cover us with your
wings; be our blanket;
be our lover,
for you kiss better
than we know how,
and you know where
we need to be touched;

you know how to make
us feel warm
and released and undone;
you said taste and see
so let us taste you.
You said eat my flesh
and drink my blood
and the people said that’s too
queer and they left
but we’re still here.
Do not leave us alone
let us put our fingers in
your hands and poke your
side where the soldier poked you.
Let us heal you
like children kissing your wounds
so that doing so
we may be fed by your love.

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