Abracadabra January 27, 2013

I am so thankful that God has given us medicine and healthcare. Be it medicine found in our garden or the type that is developed in a lab. When you think about it, medicine is just modern magic. You add something to your body that isn’t being produced on its own and it changes the future. You were dying faster then usual, but now you are dying at a normal rate. TADA!

Because we live in a fallen world, we must be smart about practicing magic. There are always consequences (regardless of which type of magic you prefer to practice) and it is important to educate ourselves on how they work, how they should be used and what the side effects are. We should not be cavalier about our ignorance. We have faith in God, not in that plant or this pill. As grownups, we are all called to study magic so we can live a happy, healthy life and love our neighbors.

I am also thankful we are allowed the freedom to make methodology decisions on a case by case basis. Common cold: tea, a little whiskey and some honey, please. Cancer: experts, surgery, chemical warfare, ivs, zofran, zofran, zofran. There doesn’t need to be a war between the different methods.

Nothing works perfectly because we are human. Every one of us. Doctors, patients, scientists, herbalists…the list is endless. We have flaws, cures have flaws. The amazing part is that more incidents are NOT riddled with disaster. That cold has every right to turn into a cough that turns into bronchitis because we live in a fallen world, but it didn’t, because God is good. We don’t deserve that breath we just took, but here we are! Living, breathing, laughing, loving. Why waste time fighting over imagined sides? You could be enjoying a mug hot cocoa!
Both natural and pharmaceutical pills I took daily to sustain my hyperemesis pregnancy.
Both natural and pharmaceutical pills I took daily to help sustain my hyperemesis pregnancies. 
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