War Between the Sexes

War Between the Sexes January 27, 2013

Recently a YouTube video went viral (again, a similar one made the rounds several years ago) about two men who had the opportunity to feel what labor felt like. Through electrical shocks, their stomachs were contracted and released and we get to see the whole business go down thanks to modern technology. As you can imagine, they did not handle labor as graciously as they could have, but to be fair, I’ve watched videos of women who have handled it less graciously. The disbelief, the swearing, the giving up. Sure, it’s sort of amusing. I would be more amused if were being used on men who claim women are just being dramatic babies about this whole birthing business (as opposed to these guys who were just curious).

But here’s the thing, my husband doesn’t think I am weak. With all four of my children, he was at my side and he didn’t mock me once. I don’t feel like comparing our strengths and weaknesses to the end of figuring out who is stronger is very useful in a world where there is so much disdain for the opposite sex. I’m not trying to over think the thing, and I may be doing so, but most women react to watching the video with uncontrollable laughter followed by unattractive bashes. Yes, these men are in simulated, consented to pain. But it is still pain. I do think some jerks out there should participate in this experiment, but last time I checked, my husband isn’t a jerk. I like my guy. I admire his masculine strengths. “The glory of young men is their strength” Proverbs 20:29.  I don’t feel like highlighting any weaknesses he may or may not have. Especially when it comes to something God did not even design him to endure. I have to wonder how many men would laugh at and share a video of a woman experiencing pain from a simulated gun shot wound? Especially men who cherished and respected their wife including all her strengths and weaknesses.

I’m not saying it’s a sin to be amused or anything, I would just want to make sure our response is different from women who hate men, because, well, we don’t. A lot of us are happily married.


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