Listening May 16, 2013

Family life thrives on thoughtful listening. We show respect for others when we listen. Listening says: “I value you and what you are saying; I value it so highly that I will do whatever I can to facilitate your communication. I believe that the time taken to listen is a good investment. I will listen and find joy in understanding the meaning and intent of your words.”

Active listening strengthens relationships. Wives, children, and husbands long to be understood. What could better express a desire for meaningful relationships than listening? What could better communicate a desire to know and understand someone? When you listen to others, your influence in their lives increases. Relationships are strengthened.

Listening tightens the knots of loyalty and commitment to one another. People long to be understood, to sense that their words carry weight, that their ideas receive a thoughtful hearing.”

-Tedd Tripp

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