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Be Spunky November 8, 2013

13 Ways To Lose Your Pre-Motherhood Moxie  

by: GraceLaced

1. Take yourself too seriously, and never laugh too much.

2. Keep tabs on all that’s failed to meet your expectations in life.

3. Define yourself by what you do, rather than who (and whose) you are.

4. Let circumstances determine your state of mind.

5. Avoid trying new things– you’re destined to fail anyway.

6. Keep up the authoritarian persona at all costs because that’s the only way you can command respect.

7. Overschedule your life so there is no wiggle room for spontaneity.

8. Be legalistic.

9. Be short-sighted and pessimistic.

10. Be hard to please.

11. Make idols of what others think of you.

12. Be bosom buddies with self-doubt.

13. Boast in your personality, rather than in the one who made you.

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